Gemstone Therapy and the Central Chakra Channel

Gemstone Therapy can be an essential key in enlivening the central chakra channel. The central chakra channel is a column of energy that runs along the spine, and whose purpose is to nourish the chakras. In Eastern Teachings, the central chakra channel is called the shushumna nadi. Ideally, it is about three to five inches wide. It extends from the earth star chakra (the 11th chakra, located in the ground beneath our feet), through the 7 body chakras, all the way through the eighth, ninth, and tenth chakras, well above the top of the head.

One purpose of this channel is to unite earth and heaven energy, which becomes a source of nourishment for all the chakras. The earth energy moves up through the channel from the bottom of the channel, and the heaven energy enters it from the top. The energy mixes within it to the exact proportions that each chakra needs. Healthy chakras have roots that reach from the chakra vortex into this channel to receive this nourishment.

Many individuals’ central chakra channels are in very poor health. Here are some common anomalies that can occur:

The channel can be withered down to as much as a half-inch in diameter. It can have blockages or constrictions over certain chakras. The energy moving through the channel can be sluggish, ineffective, and in some cases non-existent. Chakra roots can be absent or withered and thin, and receive only minimal nourishment. The channel structure may be intact, but there may be no movement of earth and heaven energy flowing through it.

Ideally, the central chakra channel should provide a welcoming spring of nourishment that is so refreshing and enticing that every chakra will build and maintain roots to access this channel and its vitalizing contents. In short, your chakras can only be as healthy as the central channel that feeds them.

Gemstone energy medicine offers a solution to restoring, building, and maintaining your central channel. The gemstone tanzanite has a natural affinity with this channel. Its warming energy relaxes tension in the channel and invites it to open. White beryl in combination with tanzanite clears and purifies the channel. When blue sapphire is added to these gemstones the vibrations of the channel are uplifted and become more receptive to earth and heaven energies.

When you wear these gemstone in a therapeutic gemstone necklace, chakra anomalies are naturally and gently corrected in time. However energy workers can use this combination in certain gemstone therapy techniques to directly treat various types of central channel anomalies during a gemstone therapy session.